Born a despised gypsy and tricked into a life of brutal debauchery, Lola Blaise quickly learns the harsh ways of the world and of the men who inhabit it. But in the New World waits a different sort of life, full of danger and passion, where one false move could mean death: a life of piracy. On the island of Nassau, Lola earns her keep as a prostitute until she lands a place on the Revenge, a ship captained by the infamous Blackbeard, the greatest buccaneer who ever lived. To survive the lethal treachery of a pirate's life, Lola must use every hard-earned skill in her arsenal.

Fire on Dark Water

Author: Wendy K. Perriman

Title: Fire on Dark Water


First Published by: Berkley


Format: PB

Date: 21 July 2011

ISBN-10: 0425241041

ISBN-13: 9780425241042





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