Here is Sabatini in his best vein, brilliant, witty, inexhaustible in his stratagems and gallant adventures. The Black Swan is the rakish pirate ship of Tom Leach, terror of the Spanish Main. As the story opens, Leach has boarded and captured the Centaur, which numbers among its passengers Charles de Bernis and Priscilla Harrabine.

By his quick wit and bold front, De Bernis saves the lives of his fellow passengers. For the special protection of Priscilla, he passes her off as his wife. The vision of the Spanish 'plate fleet' dazzles Tom Leach's eyes and De Bernis persuades him to prepare for action by careening the Black Swan in Maldita Cove. It is here that Leach and De Bernis meet with crossed swords, in the most thrilling and spectacular duel that Sabatini ever described.

The Black Swan

Author: Rafael Sabatini

Title: The Black Swan


First еblished by: Houghton Mifflin Company


Format: HC

Date: 1931



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