In this, the second of a series of five books that tells the life story of navigator extraordinaire, Lantern Jack, the story continues with what happens when Jack and his fellow pirates return to Plague Island. They hatch a plan to attack one of the largest French gold ships that sails the sea while it travels laden with treasure on its way to trade. But how can such a well guarded ship be captured? Enter that well disguised ship, La Masquerade – "all is not what it seems!"

This tale does not rely on historical fact, nor does it get bogged down with technical jargon about sailing ships, it's a back to basics good old fashion adventure story that bubbles along with action all the way.

Being a pirate novel this book does contain some moderate violence.

La Masquerade

Author: Peter Steele

Title: La Masquerade

Series: The Pirate Tales of Lantern Jack

First Published by: Pedro Publications


Format: Kindle

Date: 26 December 2013






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