My Lady Rogue

Everything Lord Danbury and Baroness Chauncey have done for Nelson’s Tea has led to this moment…

Gillian, Baroness Chauncey has only been an English spy for Nelson’s Tea for four years, but she truly thought she had seen it all. Yet as war continues off England’s shores, from the sea to the continent, and victory is won at great cost, a devastating betrayal threatens the men she has come to know and love. And her love for one man in particular is tested when she makes a life-or-death decision that could destroy everything she holds dear.

As members of Nelson’s Tea, Admiral Horatio Nelson’s mercenaries have never questioned Lord Simon Danbury’s authority—until now. Death’s darkening veil is descending over London, and as a new hierarchy within the group begins to rise, a hostile mole prepares to strike. Surrounded by the greatest spies in England, can Simon unify the clandestine group without losing the baroness? Or will she be the price they have to pay for peace?

  • Author: Katherine Bone
  • Title: My Lady Rogue
  • Series: The Nelsons Tea Series
  • First Published Format: Kindle

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