"Nor Gold" picks up where "The Pirate Captain" left off: Cate Mackenzie, a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising, trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas, Nathanael Blackthorne's pirate friend. Once again, Fate has robbed her of both her heart and her home.

As Nathan sails off, Cate tries to come to terms with her new situation. Practicality tells her Thomas is not an altogether poor future: he's amiable, generous, and most of all, willing... but her heart is still with Nathan.

Nathan, in the meantime, has but two quests: to get Cate back, and to claim his revenge against Lord Breaston Creswicke and the Royal West Indies Mercantile Company. In that process, he discovers there is no outrunning his past and that there are consequences for every action.

The Caribbean Sea isn't big enough for Nathan, Thomas and Creswicke. Paths cross... and sparks fly.

Nor Gold: The Pirate Captain

Author: Kerry Lynne

Title: Nor Gold: The Pirate Captain

Series: Chronicles of a Legend

First Published by: By the Board Publishing


Format: Kindle

Date: 30 October 2014






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