In his widely acclaimed novel The Adventures of Long John Silver, Denis Judd provided an ingenious and swashbuckling prelude to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, Treasure Island. But what happened after Long John quit the Hispaniola on the homeward run? Was it likely that he would have left the remaining silver and precious arms buried on Treasure Island?

Return to Treasure Island is an exciting and authentic sequel to Stevenson's classic that supplies the answers to these and many other riddles. It is the story of Long John's tireless quest to recover the remaining treasure - a quest that takes him from a sugar estate torn by a slave revolt to the Boston Tea-Party. His further adventures are played out not only on Treasure Island itself, but also in a famous sea battle, with Washington's army at Valley Forge, until his eventual return to his homeland - the England of the Napoleonic Wars.

Denis Judd provides us with a full-blooded recreation of a violent, passionate and turbulent age. And, Long John proves to be as ruthless and smooth-tongued as ever, as we follow his interludes with a Spanish widow and a British Sergeants' wife, yet another encounter with Black Dog, a meeting with a certain midshipman named Nelson, and the ruthless decision to murder George Washington. This is the book that both Stevenson's and Long John's fans can't afford to miss - this is the book that tells what happened next.

Return to Treasure Island

Author: Denis Judd

Title: Return to Treasure Island

Series: Long John Silver

First Published by: Michael Joseph


Format: HC

Date: 1978

ISBN-10: 0718117115

ISBN-13: 9780718117115

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