Author :: Timothy Freriks
First Published by :: Createspace
Format :: PB
Date :: 2 January 2016
ISBN-10 :: 1523227575
ISBN-13 :: 9781523227570

The United States almost ceased to exist in 1814.

Based around true events and actual people, Roland is set in the very early 1800’s, a critical time for America as England was threatening to return the young country to the Crown.

An American ship’s captain is paid by traitors to deliver a large shipment of gold to people in London who intend to weaken America. The captain, a patriot, leads a plot to hijack and conceal the shipment so it can ultimately be used to benefit America. But all conspirators, including twelve-year-old Roland’s father, are killed in a skirmish between American and French operatives. Now only the captain knows the location of the gold. He is forced to flee to America, but a hurricane consumes his ship. Before he dies in a shipwreck, he entrusts the boy with the secret. Roland survives and vows to someday use the gold to help preserve America’s independence. However, the First Mate, who discovers that Roland is the key to riches, also survives and swears to find the gold for himself.

Roland brings pirates and patriots together in a complex and engaging weave of mystery and adventure. This is a story about a boy’s growth to manhood, intrigue and dedication, greed and obsession, heroism and sacrifice, struggle and victory.

Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots

Author: Timothy Freriks

Title: Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots


First Published by: Createspace


Format: PB

Date: 2 January 2016

ISBN-10: 1523227575

ISBN-13: 9781523227570



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