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  Flying a Dutch flag, the Vandetta is parked alongside the dock in the port of Kingston, Jamaica. On board, meeting secretly, are four pirate captains—three former royal navy captains and a Duke of the Realm—making a plan to exact revenge and retribution on those responsible for their loss of income, status, position, and reputation. The four compiled a list of the people who had caused them even the slightest provocation during the last twenty years, focusing on those who had forced them into the cut-throat world of piracy.

Fierce battles ensue and in the process they capture a princess and steal her dowry and gold bullion from a ship in the dead of night. They also commandeer three Spanish treasure ships and, using the melted gold, they commit a major forgery by selling the gilded gold to greedy, corrupt government officials.

A tale of the high seas, Saladin’s Sword narrates a story of treachery, adventure, and betrayal.

Saladin's Sword: A Papal Treasure

Author: James Jones

Title: Saladin's Sword: A Papal Treasure


First Published by: Balboa Press

Place: AU

Format: Kindle

Date: 7 May 2015





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