Scarface is an unwilling cabin boy on the pirate ship Naughty Lass stationed out of the island of Tortuga. Raised in the trade from birth by pirate Captain Cheap, Scarface longs to escape the ugliness and bitter unhappiness of pirate life. Finally his chance comes and he comes to live in Bridgetown, the home of Her Majesty's fleet, and takes the Queen's Pardon, rechristening himself Justin Blade. But Captain Cheap is not done with him and Scarface / Justin finds himself a pawn between the cruel pirate captain and the Governor, His Excellency of Barbados, Sir Robert Scarlett, long time enemies. Justin is on a search for a home and a loving family and he finds it.


Author: Andre Norton

Title: Scarface

Series: n/a

First Published by: Harcourt


Format: HC

Date: 1948

ISBN-10: 015270485X

ISBN-13: 9780152704858


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