Caribbean pirate adventure

Nick Debrett - the one-eyed former slave who'd cut a bloody path to freedom, and lived to laugh at the hangman.
Lady Jane - The freebooting aristocrat who'd dare anybody, anything, to kill the man who'd destroyed her family.
Ned lynch - the gentleman cutthroat who had a lusty appetite for pleasure, a fierce sense of loyalty and a restless yen for adventure.
Cudjo Quarrel - His knives were swifter than muskets, and as silent as angels of death.

Together they and the bawling crew of the Blarney Cock revolutionized the profession of piracy!

(Based on a film screenplay by Jeffery Bloom from a story by Paul Wheeler)


Author: D. R. Bensen

Title: Swashbuckler

Series: n/a

First Published by: Bantam


Format: PB

Date: 1976

ISBN-10: 0553102451

ISBN-13: 9780553102451


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