The Bernadette follows the continuing adventures of Pert and Rosella, who may or may not be murderers, and Pert's sister Fenestra who is developing a strange relationship with her dog. Is the Curate really married? Why does Dilly Denticle keep smelling smoke? And who is the mysterious Señor Vigo di Gallidoro? The arrival of the terrifying Listeria Grubb throws the town into tumult, while the pirates still haven't given up their search for the treasure.

Like its predecessor, The Black Joke, this book is by turns exciting, amusing, alarming, charming, violent and strange - a rollicking read for adults with a childish love of adventure, and for children who aren't afraid of a few long words.

The Bernadette

Author: David Bramhall

Title: The Bernadette

Series: The Greatest Cape

First Published by: CreateSpace


Format: PB

Date: 28 November 2013

ISBN-10: 1493731963

ISBN-13: 9781493731961





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