The Devil's Tide

Hostage-turned-pirate Katherine Lindsay returns in this action-packed followup to The Devil's Fire, and the last thing she wants is to go back to her mundane life in London. A young pirate narrowly avoids the gallows when the governor of the Bahamas enlists his aid in bringing Lindsay to justice. A pirate hunter returns to his old ways, with the demons of his past swiftly following his trail. A beautiful strumpet falls in league with Blackbeard, witnessing his despicable crimes firsthand, before she becomes a pawn in his schemes. As all sides spiral toward a fiery climax, nothing is at it seems, and the odds are in favor of death.

  • Author: Matt Tomerlin
  • Title: The Devil's Tide
  • Series: The Bloody Pirate Saga
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 2012

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