The Lover of the Pirate King

This book tells one of the great untold true romance tales of the Golden Age of Piracy, the story of the love affair between Bartholomew Roberts, the Tee-Totalling Pirate King, and his lover, Pirate Surgeon George Wilson.

Wilson is recorded in the Annals of History as being the "Intimayte Friend" of Bartholomew Roberts, and this book, written as a Historical Erotic Romantic Fiction, is the very first to flesh out exactly what that might have meant...Although the account has been fictionalized, all of the major historical elements regarding their relationship are included, and the tale is told in a truly page turning, unputdownable, fashion that will leave you crying for more!And the best news about this story is that it is a Romance, there is a Happy Ever After ending, and YES!!!There Will Be More...Enjoy!

  • Author: Guineith Isaacs
  • Title: The Lover of the Pirate King
  • Series: The Tain Cartel Chronicles
  • First Published by: Independently published
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 31 January 2019
  • ISBN-10: 1795384700
  • ISBN-13: 978-1795384704

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