A Ship Must DieJanuary 1944: When the British light cruiser Andromeda arrives at Williamstown naval dockyard to be handed over to the Royal Australian Navy, she is already a legend - having earned her young captain, Richard Blake, the Victoria Cross in her last victory against overwhelming odds in the Mediterranean. Blake has grown to love Andromeda and has few regrets when he is unexpectedly told to retain his command with a British and Australian ship's company. At this crucial time of the war, with the Allies advancing on almost every front, comes the startling news that a heavily armed German commerce raider is at large in the vast sea area of the Indian Ocean, stalking supply ships and destroying any vessel reckless enough to sail unescorted. As the toll of lives and ships mounts, Blake, his experience and reputation matched against those of an equally skilful enemy, is ordered to seek out and destroy the raider - the ship which must die.

Author: Douglas Reeman

Title: A Ship Must Die


First Published by: Hutchinson


Format: HC

Date: April 1979

ISBN-10: 0091381509

ISBN-13: 9780091381509


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