Better Lucky and Good

A prequel to the best selling 'Jon Hunt' series based on the war time experiences of his father. It's 1939 and war with Germany is inevitable. Already qualified as a pilot, John Hunt can see the writing on the wall and decides to join the Royal Naval Air Service. He goes through the training system but at the end is asked to volunteer for service with the RAF who are desperately short of pilots as the Battle of Britain ramps up. At the same time Heather, his fiancé, joins the Air Transport Auxiliary and also qualifies as a war time pilot. John is thrown into the savage war in the skies and proves to be as a good pilot as he is lucky. That is until he is shot down and has to bale out of his stricken Hurricane over the Channel Islands. How he manages to escape capture and return to England with the aid of his fiancé proves that both he and Heather have more than a fair share of skill and luck. The Battle of Britain was fought by pilots from many countries and services. This is novel is based on the true story of one man who joined the Royal Navy but flew with the RAF and on some of his actual combat reports and squadron records. He was also the author’s father.

  • Author: Larry Jeram-Croft
  • Title: Better Lucky and Good
  • Series: Jon Hunt
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 21 December 2020

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