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Dangerous Waters

Cameron Comes ThroughIn 1941, on her way to support the evacuation of Crete, the British destroyer Wharfedale receives secret orders from London to pick up two men who have information capable of altering the course of the war. Sub-lieutenant Donald Cameron and a handful of sailors appear to have an impossible task; assault a guarded German stronghold, escape before the Nazi advance into Southern Crete, requisition a boat when thousands of troops are swarming the beaches, and rendezvous with the Wharfedale - all in the space of a few hours...

Author: Philip McCutchan

Title: Cameron Comes Through

Series: Donald Cameron RNVR

First Published by: Weidenfeld & Nicolson


Format: HC

Date: May 1980

ISBN-10: 0213167581

ISBN-13: 9780213167585


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