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Sinking Ship

Cameron's CrossingWWII: Cameron, now a lieutenant-commander RNVR, is under orders to take a newly assembled ship's company across the North Atlantic to recommission a destroyer in a United States port. They take passage aboard HMS Charger, an escort aircraft carrier on loan from the United States under the Lend Lease agreement and about to proceed to the USA for refit following heavy action damage.

Expecting himself and his officers and men to be little more than passengers, Cameron finds himself in an ambiguous situation when in a freak storm the already damaged carrier suffers severely to the extent that her flight deck lifts at the fore end, aircraft in the hangar are smashed to pieces, the steering engine begins to flood and the ship is in danger of broaching-to. There are casualties to the ship's own officers and Cameron is obliged to take an executive role in a ship to which he is not officially appointed.

Meanwhile, the carrier's Captain, physically badly injured in the atrocious weather and resulting damage, now shows signs of severe mental stress amounting to incapacity and finally Cameron, the most senior officer left, is obliged to assume command of a vessel on the verge of sinking.

Author: Philip McCutchan

Title: Cameron's Crossing

Series: Donald Cameron RNVR

First Published by: Weidenfeld & Nicholson


Format: HC

Date: 15 July 1993

ISBN-10: 0297840525

ISBN-13: 9780297840527


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