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Cold War

Cameron's ConvoyWWII: The gruelling sub-zero temperatures and unremitting air, surface and U-boat attacks faced by the men on convoy duty round the North Cape to Russia form a grim background to Lieutenant Donald Cameron's wartime experiences in the frigate Sprinter. As well as safeguarding a large consignment of vital equipment and ammunition en route to Archangel, the battle-weary Sprinter has to transport, secretly, a British cabinet minister and a top Russian marshal bound for an arms conference in Moscow.

As the German Navy and Luftwaffe must not suspect the Sprinter'scargo of VIPs, she is not allowed to detach independently for her destination during the final, shattering attack on the convoy, and her arrival at a Russian port is a close-run thing. Although in Allied territory, the onward journey of the two VIPs is constantly jeopardized by unforeseen dangers, and the intrepid Cameron finds himself once again fourced in to the firing line.

Author: Philip McCutchan

Title: Cameron's Convoy

Series: Donald Cameron RNVR

First Published by: Littlehampton Book Services


Format: HC

Date: April 1982

ISBN-10: 0213168227

ISBN-13: 9780213168223


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