World War Two. Mark Ward has left the Royal College of Music to start flying planes for the Swordfish battalion. His first mission with his battalion and faithful aircraft Ethel is to search the seas for the enemy Italian ships.

Then he learns that an Italian fleet of two battleships, sixteen cruisers and close on thirty destroyers are less than 40 miles away and there are rumours of an air attack on Taranto. But the sheltering Italian battleships and cruisers were more heavily defended than anything previously attacked by the slow, lumbering carrier-based, torpedo planes.

Meanwhile, American War correspondent Katy Sandford, new to her job but learning fast, also understands the importance and the risks of the Taranto raid when she leaves for Cairo.

When their paths cross, there is immediate chemistry and slowly, a romance develops. But they are both caught up in the developing war as the British prepare to attack.

The operation JUDGEMENT is put in place. Everyone Katy meets seems to be a casualty of war where the losses are mounting. Will Mark make it through his toughest mission and find his way back to Katy? Can they find love amidst the war and its brutality? And most importantly, will they both make it out alive?

Eagle at Taranto

Author: Alan Evans

Title: Eagle at Taranto


First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: June 1987

ISBN-10: 0340395265

ISBN-13: 9780340395264




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