Spring 1942. On a routine extraction, a British submarine finds that all of its erstwhile passengers are dead... except one. It turns out that intelligence is being leaked, and men are being sent to their deaths.

Lieutenant Commander George Steadfast – maverick leader and a favourite of Sir Winston Churchill – is in North Africa, assigned to a station that does not want him, to a command he does not desire. In an attempt to drive him out, Steadfast is assigned what is supposed to be a mundane task: he is to ferry a squad of sappers to the island of Platos.

But when an E-boat crosses his path, toying with him, guiding him towards Platos, he realises something bigger is going on. The island is not what it seems, and the Germans are lying in wait. Stuck with a drunken Army officer, subordinates who frown upon his reputation and facing a knowledgeable and dogged foe, Steadfast faces his toughest battle yet.

Will he pull everyone together in time and see the mission through? Or will he fail at the final hurdle when the Enemy is in Sight? The odds are not in his favour...

Enemy In Sight

Author: Richard Freeman

Title: Enemy In Sight

Series: Commander Steadfast Thrillers

First Published by: Endeavour Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 19 May 2015






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