Full Speed To Heaven

Can a veteran destroyer survive a terrifying Atlantic storm?

The Atlantic Ocean, 1942

When a freak series of hurricanes culminates in the worst storm in living memory, the crew of the destroyer HMS Concord have more than a world war to contend with.

For Lieutenant John Masefield, heartbroken after discovering his wife’s infidelity, the difficult conditions provide a welcome distraction … but as tensions build between Masefield and the brash Lieutenant Peter Boland, their rivalry threatens to endanger the whole crew.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant-Commander Louis Strong, the ship’s captain, fights a rapidly losing battle to hold his increasingly fractious men together … and faces an unimaginable challenge when a member of his crew falls dangerously ill.

But when the ship is caught in the eye of the lethal storm after days of worsening conditions, suddenly the enemy is the least of their worries. Helpless against the elements, the men battle desperately against ever-lengthening odds…

Can Concord prevail over the deadliest enemy of all – nature? Will Captain Strong and his men ever see dry land again?

And how will they come to terms with the horror of their experience if they do?

  • Author: Terence Robertson
  • Title: Full Speed To Heaven
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1960

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