Halfhyde Outward BoundLieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde decides to combine a reprieve from his wife and a desire to broaden his experience with a spell under sail, on a merchantman bound for Sydney. He signs on the Aysgarth Falls, which has a crew mainly consisting of villains on the run.

In his efforts to uncover a deal made between the bullying First Mate and a mysterious passenger to be picked up off Chile, Halfhyde falls into the hands of captors who intend to sell him to his old enemy, Vice Admiral Paulus von Merkatz. The German flagship's presence in South American waters provides Halfhyde with a chance to display his naval training as he hoodwinks von Merkatz and sets off in pursuit of the Aysgarth Falls. Clashes between the three ships are unavoidable as they reach the treacherous shallows around the Great Barrier Reef.

Author: Philip McCutchan

Title: Halfhyde Outward Bound

Series: The Halfhyde Adventures

First Published by: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 28 July 1983

ISBN-10: 0297782703

ISBN-13: 9780297782704


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