In Dangerous Waters

When enemy shells are falling all about them, can courageous naval officers and their valiant ladies find time for romance while battling the opposing forces and still continue doing their duty of transporting and rescuing British agents from certain death at the hands of the warring foe?

David O'Neil, author of best selling action novels, Distant Gunfire, Sailing Orders, Hell is Another Place, and the recent blockbuster Quarterdeck delivers another tremendous hit with In Dangerous Waters, a riveting tale of love and war, romance and battle, sacrifice and success as a few daring men and women fight against overwhelming odds.

Author: David O'Neil

Title: In Dangerous Waters


First Published by: A-Argus Better Book Publishers


Format: PB

Date: 8 January 2015

ISBN-10: 0692350365

ISBN-13: 9780692350362


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