Kirov II: Cauldron Of Fire

Days after the shocking discovery of Halifax Harbor, battlecruiser Kirov heads east into the Atlantic, a lost ship in a forsaken and devastated world. Twelve days later they have entered the Mediterranean Sea finding nothing but blackened destruction on every shore. Disheartened and stricken with remorse, the ship turns west for the long voyage back to the Straits of Gibraltar when a sudden and unexpected attack leads them to the astounding conclusion that they have once again moved in time, not forward but back, returning to the cauldron of fire of the Second World War. Only this time a full year has passed and they now find themselves sailing the dangerous waters of the year 1942.

As the Royal Navy prepares for one of the largest naval operations of the war, Kirov becomes a renegade ship, trapped in the restricted waters of an inland sea with only three ways out. With enemies on every side, the one question her beleaguered captains and crew must now answer has been reduced to the simplest possible terms—survival! At this crucial turning point in the war, forces on every side slowly begin to unravel the mystery of this phantom raider they have now come to call Geronimo. Naval combat rages in this exciting and fast paced sequel to the breakthrough military fiction novel Kirov, by John Schettler

Author: John Schettler

Title: Kirov II: Cauldron Of Fire

Series: Kirov Series

First Published by: CreateSpace


Format: PB

Date: 6 December 2012

ISBN-10: 1481184504

ISBN-13: 9781481184502


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