Knight's Move

Knight’s Move... The Germans would call it Rosselsprung, the leaping move of a Knight in a heated game of chess. In the aftermath of the naval duel off the Canary Islands, Admiral Raeder turns loose his surface units to adopt a strategy of commerce raiding as part of his effort to choke British supplies and material bound for Egypt. Surviving the battle largely unscathed, Kaiser Wilhelm joins the light escort battle carrier Goeben in a daring sortie into the South Atlantic. Still reeling from losses sustained off Fuerteventura, the Royal Navy struggles to give chase and engage the German raiders in a harrowing naval saga. Yet the Germans find much more than they ever expected in the desolate reaches of the icy South Atlantic.

In the Pacific, the Japanese General Yamashita presses his Banzai Blitzkrieg through Malaya to the final attack against Singapore, the “Rock of the East,” but finds the British defense is now led by a most unexpected arrival. Can the British hold Singapore? The outcome is presented here in a detailed account of the battle to decide the fate of this jewel in the Empire's crown.

In the Atlantic, the Germans now begin Phase II of Operation Condor with the attack on Gran Canaria, and the British stage a desperate and stubborn defense. Now they must decide whether to risk everything to hold the island, or fall back to Tenerife and live to fight another day.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Karpov has taken Kirov north to support the opening moves of his own chess game against Japan. He musters his resources to stage a surprise attack on lower Kamchatka and Sakhalin Islands, his first bid to win back territories lost to Japan long ago in the aftermath of his fateful sortie to 1908. Now the Japanese must finally realize and deal with the substantial threat Karpov poses from the north, dispatching Knights of their own to challenge the Siberian in a major alternate history battle.

Action from start to finish as the war careens into 1942 in the amazing Kirov Saga!

Author: John Schettler

Title: Knight's Move

Series: Kirov Series

First Published by: Writing Shop Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 28 October 2015




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