The second volume in the third season of this long running tale carries the story into the turbulent waters of the north. With Admiral Volsky fallen ill, Fedorov struggles to prevent Karpov from repeating the awful events that ended in nuclear fire, and the explosion that again sent the ship reeling through time. With his memory intact, knowledge of Rod-25 and everything Karpov would do, he sets his mind on gaining control of the ship, yet must face the dangerous wrath of Karpov if he is to succeed.

Meanwhile, the Siberian, as the second Karpov is now called, has struck a dangerous bargain with Sergei Kirov, but one that could bring about another fatal collision in time. Learning that the ship has reappeared, he sets his mind on trying to find Kirov, and in so doing gain control over the most powerful weapons in the world. Unaware that his duplicate self even exists, he soon finds he has a shadowy accomplice.

The war continues on the Russian front as the Germans slowly begin to introduce new prototype tank designs, born of the shock and fire delivered by Kinlan’s heavy brigade. The story takes us into this action on the Soviet front with the cutting edge of Guderian’s 2nd Panzergruppe, and the veteran divisions of the 24th Panzer Korps spearhead the final German assault aimed at winning the war in 1941, Operation Typhoon. In doing so they run right into Sergie Kirov’s last available reserves, and the 1st Siberian Shock Army launches a daring counterattack to try and stem the German tide.

Author: John Schettler

Title: Nemesis

Series: Kirov Series

First Published by: Writing Shop Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 10 May 2015




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