NormandyIt is June 1944, and the crew of the USS Lawrence find themselves in the English Channel, preparing to take part in the Allied invasion of France. Pete Fannon has just been promoted to Commander and skipper of the Lawrence, and Beetle Brosnan, now Lieutenant Commander, is his Exec.

In the space of a few weeks, they steer the Lawrence through a range of assignments that call for all their skill as leaders: conducting diversionary maneuvers off the Pas de Calais, rescuing Allied air crews while under fire from Luftwaffe fighters, and making harrowing dashes into mine-choked waters to silence the German guns pounding Allied landing craft heading for Omaha Beach.

But as troops and tanks pour into France, the officers and men of the Lawrence hardly have time to celebrate. Instead, they are ordered to the Mediterranean to support the Allied landings in the south of France. That operation turns out to be the ship's biggest test yet as Fannon and Brosnan deal with both a rapidly changing tactical situation and a crippling air attack.

Author: William P. Mack

Title: Normandy

Series: The Destroyer Series

First Published by: Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co. of America


Format: HC

Date: October 1995

ISBN-10: 1877853380

ISBN-13: 9781877853388


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