Sending Messages

Just one month before his reelection, President Steve O'Bannon is sitting in the White House when his Chief of Staff, Jim Butler, lets him know that fourteen US mayors had just been kidnapped at a conference in Colombia. Just like his war in Korea, it begins not knowing who did it or why. Making matters worse, one of the mayors is Patricia Hammond, the wife of his best friend, Vice Admiral Roger Hammond, who is in San Pedro, California, attending a reunion of his ship, USS Iowa. Summoning all his assets, O'Bannon is determined to find out where the hostages are and getting them back. Otherwise, he will probably lose the election.

For Hammond, there is more at stake. Not only does he have a duty to his country, but to the one person he truly loves. Normally, he would not be allowed to participate, but his experience and talents are sorely needed.

The President also brings in General Claire Richardson, Commander of the Special Forces. When the mayors are found, they must use Special Forces assets - including Master Sergeant Dale Ricks, an Army soldier with two artificial legs - to go in, rescue the hostages and bring them home without loss.

The action take you from Washington, DC to the jungles of Venezuela, both on land and at sea.

  • Author: Hunter Goforth
  • Title: Sending Messages
  • Series: Roger Hammond Series
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 25 December 2013

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