Far from any friendly land the lone grey seawolf U-451 prowls the American coast. Sinking merchantmen is not Commander Baldur Wolz's idea of war with honor, but if the price of victory is damnation he'll pay it again and again.

Cutting through watch-dog destroyer patrols to the fat Yankee convoys, U-451 has reaped grim vengeance for the Reich. As the battles for Leningrad and Moscow reach bitter deadlock in the Russian winter, the glory and duty of Nazi victory rests on the Kriegsmarine killers. Pounded by Wasserbomben and harried by hunter packs, Wolz faces his most dangerous mission yet ...

SHARK AMERICA is the seventh in a highly-charged series of novels telling the story of the U-boat war with all the killer stealth and throbbing tension of the battle for the Atlantic.


Shark America

Author: Bruno Krauss

Title: Shark America

Series: Seawolf series

First Published by: Sphere Books


Format: PB

Date: 1982





  • Author: Bruno Krauss
  • Title: Shark America
  • Series: Seawolf series
  • First Published by: Sphere Books
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 1982

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