Straits of MessinaIn World War II, an allied ship would be extremely vulnerable to attack if it sailed into the Straits of Messina, which seperate Sicily from the southern tip of Italy. With enemy artillery firing from both sides, along with the inevitable threat of torpedoes, allied ships would face nearly impossible odds.

It is the summer of 1943, and now is the time for the Aliies to land thier armies.

The crew of the destroyer USS Lawrence has become accustomed to long odds. Led by their captain, Jackson Sperry, they sail into a Mediterranean sea controlled in part by the Axis powers.

Whether they are traversing minefields or listening for the screaming of Stuka dive bombers, the crew of the Lawrence must act effectively if they intend to survive at all.

Author: William P. Mack

Title: Straits of Messina

Series: The Destroyer Series

First Published by: Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co. of America


Format: HC

Date: September 1994

ISBN-10: 1877853348

ISBN-13: 9781877853340


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