May 1943. The Allies are preparing for a strike that will finish Hitler's Germany.

The landing craft Bloody Norah has been attacked and is now burning helplessly at sea. Richard Langley and the sullen stoker, Gilhooley, manage to salvage the ship but not without Langley suffering for his heroic efforts. As he recuperates in a Maltese hospital, his attentions are diverted by the half-French nurse Suzi Jones. Enchanted by her beauty, he longs to learn more about her but he senses that he and Bloody Norah will soon be back in the action.

Meanwhile, in Britain, the preparations for Operation Overlord are being finalised. Crucial to the British effort will be the dawn landing on the Normandy beach code-named Sword. Vital to its success will be Langley and Bloody Norah, and the on-the-spot reconnaissance gathered by nurse turned SOE agent Suzi Jones...

‘The Sword at Sunrise’ is an edge-of-the-seat naval adventure set during the historic events of D- Day.

Sword at Sunrise

Author: Alan Evans

Title: Sword at Sunrise


First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: May 1994

ISBN-10: 0340603208

ISBN-13: 9780340603208




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