Tempered Steel

In a hidden control room a group of young technicians prepare missiles for launch. North Korea has deemed it politically necessary to reunite all of Korea under its flag, but to do so it must ensure there will be no retaliation from South Korea’s allies – primarily the United States. Using a stockpile of small nuclear devices it has secretly purchased or developed over the years, the North strikes, not to kill, but to cripple. The United States cannot be killed, but it can be turned off.

Retired Navy Commander Roger Hammond is eating out when he sees one of the warheads explode high in the atmosphere. Almost instantly everything around him goes dark. All around him nothing electronic works. People try to turn things on, but nothing happens. Even their watches stop working. Realizing what just happened Hammond decides to do something about it. He must get back in the service and do his part. Making his way to Washington, he enlists the aid of an old friend who is the Naval Liaison at the White House. Realizing that modern equipment is no longer available, Hammond looks for other tools which are still usable, but not effected by the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion. Working with his friends in Washington, Hammond gets the ball rolling and helps get the services started again. Ultimately he is given command of one of the most powerful ships afloat, and creates a set of events which steers the United States out of the dark to victory over the North Koreans.

Private Dale Ricks is a part of the peacekeeping force standing watch at the Demilitarized Zone in Korea when enemy troops swarm across the boarder, overrunning his small unit. He and his sergeant find themselves surrounded and behind enemy lines. Frightened and confused at first, Ricks quickly overcomes his fears. The two men work their way back through the lines, picking up others on their way, and then lead the efforts to slow the progress of the enemy forces until the United States and its allies can muster the forces to take the small country back. During the process Ricks changes from being a rookie into a man of action.

In the fires of conflict, the true nature of men and nations are forged. They become Tempered Steel.

  • Author: Hunter Goforth
  • Title: Tempered Steel
  • Series: Roger Hammond Series
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 25 December 2013

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