Accompanied by two ex-midshipmen "on the beach" like himself, one at a time Commander McAlastair goes off to manage a mine in South America. At Panama they tranship to a Valdorian ship which escapes destruction only through their skill and courage. By way of evening things up, the Valdorian skipper promptly tries to wreck the plane in which the three ex-naval men are going up-country.

With the coming of revolution, the captain becomes a general (of sorts), and directs operations against McAlastair's mine, from which the friends escape by a narrow margin. Ruined, or likely to be so before long, they take service with the Valdorian Government, joining the Navy. From this point, their adventures are encountered at sea. They contribute to the final defeat of the rebel forces, which comes about in a dramatic fashion, but their early plans are hopelessly out of gear. Valdoria soon sees the last of them, as they make for a corner under the Union Jack, which still offers its citizens security and opportunity.

The Bulldog Breed

Author: Percy F. Westerman

Title: The Bulldog Breed


First Published by: Blackie and Son Ltd.

Place: London and Glasgow

Format: HC

Date: 1939




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