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The Long Haul


This rousing World War 2 tale is set in February 1943. HM destroyer Hecate is pulled out of convoy escort duty to tow the crippled (and abandoned) Greek tanker Antioch 500 miles across the North Atlantic from the spot where she had been attacked by a German wolfpack to the safety of a British port. The Antioch, at 14,000 tons, had been the largest ship in her convoy and her petroleum cargo is of vital importance to Britain's wartime economy. Initially angered by their rather inglorious assignment, the warship's officers and crew slowly begin to take pride in their towing assignment as they fend off (and destroy) a German U-boat and then a succession of Luftwaffe warplanes.

The Crippled Tanker

Author: D. A. Rayner

Title: The Enemy Below


First еblished by: Collins


Format: HC

Date: 1960





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