The Floating MadhouseIn the summer of 1904 Tsar Nicholas II sent his Baltic fleet, mostly old crocks with untrained, potentially mutinous crews & hopelessly inefficient officers, halfway around the world to reinforce his few remaining ships in the Far East. There the Japanese fleet under Admiral Togo had been scoring success after success. The Russians' main aim was to relieve besieged Port Arthur.

Michael Henderson, Lieutenant RN, has been caught in flagrante delicto with the young Princess Natasha Volodnyakova at their estate in Injhavino. The reason for the house-party was to announce her engagement to a naval captain whom she's never set eyes on until that evening & doesn't like the look of at all. This is of no concern at all to the arranger of the betrothal, her great uncle General Igor Volodnyakov. What does concern him is her indiscretion with Michael Henderson &, having considerable influence at Court, as well as a nephew who is an admiral & on the Board of Admiralty in St Petersburg, he's able to get rid of Henderson by offering him a privilege he can't refuse - to sail as an observer to Tsushima where one of the most devastating sea battles in history will be waged.

Author: Alexander Fullerton

Title: The Floating Madhouse


First Published by:  Little, Brown


Format: HC

Date: 2000

ISBN-10: 0316855448

ISBN-13: 9780316855440


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