The MedA powerful and fast-moving tale of the Navy-Marine Corps team in action, on a dangerous mission in the volatile Eastern Mediterranean.

Cloaked by the mists of dawn, Task Force 61--carrying tanks, aircraft, and over 5000 Marines--steams toward Syria with deadly intent. Their mission: rescue 100 hostages from a mountain stronghold deep in terrorist-supporting Syria. Staff officer Lt (jg) Dan Lenson has three problems. His commodore is an incompetent coward, a war is raging in the eastern Med, and his wife is one of the terrorists' hostages.

Author: David Poyer

Title: The Med

Series: Dan Lenson

First Published by: St. Martin's Press


Format: HC

Date: April 1988

ISBN-10: 031201788X

ISBN-13: 9780312017880


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