When the Japanese dropped bombs on Pearl Harbour, America entered the Second World War.

For Walter, youngest son of Lewis McGann, this meant the long-awaited opportunity to see some action — and the chance, too, of fighting alongside his brother Clive, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. But for both the McGann brothers it was a time of great anxiety as well as exhilaration; their sister Joan was in Hong Kong — and the beleaguered colony was experiencing Japanese savagery at first hand.

Walter and Clive experience the excitement, hardships, and horrors of World War II as officers in the Royal Navy, while their sister, Joan, trapped in Hong Kong, discovers the brutality of the Japanese conquerors.

The final volume of Christopher Nicole’s bestselling saga of the McGann family, The Passion And The Glory, is the turbulent story of Clive, Walter and Joan — each fighting the horrors of the war and each determined to survive. Will the siblings ever be reunited? Or will they be lost to each other and history as they fight against the formidable Japanese forces?

The Passion and the Glory

Author: Christopher Nicole

Title: The Passion and the Glory

Series: The McGann series

First Published by: Severn House


Format: HC

Date: Deceember 1988

ISBN-10: 0727816969

ISBN-13: 9780727816962



  • Author: Christopher Nicole
  • Title: The Passion and the Glory
  • Series: The McGann series
  • First Published by: Severn House
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: December 1988
  • ISBN-10: 0727816969
  • ISBN-13: 9780727816962

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