Author :: John Harris
First Published by :: Hurst & Blackett
Format :: HC
Date :: 1953

This book has been released under the following alternate titles:-
The Undaunted


This is John Harris’ classic war novel of espionage in the most extreme of situations. An essential flight from France leaves the crew of RAF Hudson missing, and somewhere in the North Sea four men cling to a dinghy, praying for rescue before exposure kills them or the enemy finds them. One man is critically injured; another (a rocket expert) is carrying a briefcase stuffed with vital secrets. As time begins to run out each man yearns to evade capture. This story charts the daring and courage of these men, their rescuers on RAF Air/Sea Rescue high speed launch 7525 and a breathtaking mission with the most awesome of consequences.

The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Author: John Harris

Title: The Sea Shall Not Have Them


First Published by: Hurst & Blackett


Format: HC

Date: 1953





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