poyerM11Iran has a deadly new weapon – and the only way to preserve the peace in the Persian Gulf is to steal it.

U.S. Navy Commander and Medal of Honor winner Dan Lenson has been handed another outside-the-box assignment.  TAG Charlie, an elite team of active duty sailors, SEALs, and civilian analysts, is tasked to investigate and defuse emerging naval threats around the globe.  When the Skhval-K – an unstoppable rocket torpedo designed to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers -- is demonstrated at a Moscow arms show, Dan tries to buy one, so the Navy can build countermeasures. But he's lucky to escape with his life when he's set up by Russia's ruthless new counterespionage service.

When the Russians sell the new weapon to Iran and China instead, Dan decides that if he can't buy one, he'll steal it.  But a daring nighttime penetration of Iran's largest naval base goes wrong too.  Now Dan finds himself captaining a submarine he barely knows how to submerge, pursued by Iranian destroyers and sub-hunting aircraft through the shallow, hazardous Persian Gulf.

Just another fine Navy day...but one not everyone on TAG Team Charlie will live through.

Author: David Poyer

Title: The Weapon

Series: Dan Lenson

First Published by: St. Martin's Press


Format: HC

Date: November 2008

ISBN-10: 0312374933

ISBN-13: 9780312374938


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