WWI The year is 1916. England and Germany have already struck the first blows in the war to end all wars. And Woodrow Wilson's political future depends on its outcome. In a daring scheme to protect the peace, two naval officers , one rich & cynical, the other guileless and honourable, become the President's pawns in a war game with a shocking and deadly end as events lead up to the greatest sea battle in history: Jutland, 1916. To the Honor of the Fleet

Author: Robert H. Pilpel

Title: To the Honor of the Fleet


First Published by: Atheneum


Format: HC

Date: 1979





  • Author: Robert H. Pilpel
  • Title: To the Honor of the Fleet
  • First Published by: Atheneum
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1979

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