Sixteen-year-old Peter Rogers is training to be a Royal Navy officer in 1939 when he hears that his father's ship has been torpedoed off the coast of Ireland. The survivors, including his father, have been captured by a German U-boat crew and treated cruelly - some of them are shot dead. In 1940 Peter joins an escort fleet in the North Atlantic where British convoys are suffering horrific losses from enemy U-boats. We share in the trials and tribulations of his duties, including the constant tension, the bitter cold, mountainous seas - and the moment when he and his father's captor come face to face... U-Boat Hunter

Author: Bryan Perrett

Title: U-Boat Hunter


First Published by: Scholastic


Format: PB

Date: 2 January 2014

ISBN-10: 1407136747

ISBN-13: 9781407136745




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