We Joined The Navy

A classic, hilarious account of naval life in the 1950s! Perfect for fans of P.G.Wodehouse, Spike Milligan, Richard Gordon and R.F.Deldafield

Will the Special Entry cadets survive basic training and take to the high seas?

1952, Dartmouth, England

The Admiralty Interview Board, faced with another few weeks of trying work, are reminded of the recruitment policy by the Admiral, “We are not looking for ‘normal’ boys. We are looking for boys who will make naval officers”.

And soon 80 naval cadets in brand new uniform are plunged into a strange and uncomfortable world.

They meet the man responsible for whipping them into shape, Lieutenant Commander, Robert Bollinger Badger, known as ‘The Artful Bodger’ and a host of other eccentric characters - the destroyer captain ‘Poggles’ who anchors his ship with brewers’ signs; Captain Sir Douglas Mainwaring Gregson who breeds red setters and has no interest in cadets, and Able Seaman Froggins who lives hermit-like in the darkness of his locker.

Their training is more comprehensive than they expect – they scrub decks in the morning and repel the advances of amorous Spanish barmaids by night. One minute they are painting the ship’s side and the next they are playing cricket against a West Indies team. And once they set sail they are sent to quell a revolution in Central America.

Navigating a world of humour and hijinks the sea cadets need to quickly find their feet as they are thrown straight into the deep end…

  • Author: John Winton
  • Title: We Joined The Navy
  • Series: Artful Bodger Naval Adventures
  • First Published by: St Martin's Press
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1 January 1959

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