When D-Day Dawns

In the June of 1944, a small, battle weary Royal Navy destroyer is recalled from the war-torn seas of the English Channel and assigned to a vital operation; codenamed ‘Neptune’. For Lieutenant-Commander Richard Thorburn, the once rebellious but now older and wiser captain of H.M.S. Brackendale, the desperate confusion of savage combat awaits. Primed for the bloody assault on the beaches of Nazi occupied Europe, he and his ship’s company stand ready for the trials ahead. When battle commences, it will be the indomitable spirit of a few, suffered by many, and shared by all, that determine the outcome for Hitler’s much acclaimed Atlantic Wall. This then, is their courageous fight to survive.

  • Author: Graham J. Parry
  • Title: When D-Day Dawns
  • Series: The Waves of War
  • First Published by: Graham John Parry
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 6 May 2016

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