Yashimoto's Last Dive

WWII: Togo Yashimoto, captain of the Japanese submarine I-357, a ruthless disciplinarian steeped in the samurai tradition, and John Barratt, captain of HMS Restless, haunted by his wife's death while a prisoner of the Japanese in Changi Jail, were two very different men whose destinies were linked in the deadly game of hide and seek they were to play out among the islands and atolls of the Mozambique coast.

Homeward bound after a disappointing patrol in the Indian Ocean, Yashimoto encounters an unescorted American freighter making for Cape Delgado. To conserve his remaining torpedoes he decides to attack by gunfire. In the night action which follows he sinks the Fort Nebraska, but not before her stern gun has scored a lucky hit. Unable to dive, Yahimoto makes for the coast to carry out repairs and to hide from the British air and surface forces he expects on the scene at dawn.

HMS Restless, returning to her base, picks up Brad Corrigan, the only member of the freighter's crew to survive the massacre that followed her sinking. On the strength of the American's report, Barratt sets out in pursuit of the submarine. Stretching over four days, the destroyer's relentless search has the added flavour of a vendetta, since Barratt and Corrigan have personal scores to settle with the Japanese.

Skillfully, hour by hour, the tension is built up until at last hunter and hunted meet in a tremendous climax. Never have Antony Trew's mastery of naval detail and powers as a story-teller been more successfully blended than in this novel of thrilling authority.

Author: Antony Trew

Title: Yashimoto's Last Dive


First Published by: Harper Collins


Format: HC

Date: August 1986

ISBN-10: 0002229218

ISBN-13: 9780002229210


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