Battle At Horseshoe BendAugust 1813 - The Red Sticks, under the encouragement of England and Spain, have attacked peaceful Fort Mims. Hundreds are killed: men, women, children, and babies. Only eighteen people escape. Secretary of War John Armstrong calls for an all out war against the Red Stick nation. Major General Andrew Jackson has been placed in overall command of the forces sent to end the Indian problem. But President Madison knows Jackson can be a loose cannon. He needs someone he can trust to be a controlling force: Jonah Lee. Fresh from the northwest campaign, Jonah and his adopted brother Moses have just gotten home to Georgia when the dispatch arrives. Jonah is morose and grieving over the loss of his love to an Indian raiding party, so Moses feels this new assignment may be a balm for him. From the Battle at Horseshoe Bend to the burning of Washington, D.C., Jonah Lee and Moses answer the call of their nation.

Author: Michael Aye

Title: Battle At Horseshoe Bend

Series: War 1812

First Published by: Boson Books

Place: US

Format: Paperback

Date: 10 December 2014

ISBN-10: 1938463196

ISBN-13: 9781938463198


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