Harry Heron: Into the Unknown

A freak accident on board the HMS Spartan during a sea battle with the French navy in 1804 catapults Midshipman Harry Heron and his shipmates Ferghal O’Connor and Danny Gunn four hundred years into the future, landing them on the NECS Vanguard, flagship of the World Treaty Organisation Fleet. While Captain Blackwood and Major Heron sort out the mystery and determine whether the young men are alive or dead, Harry and his friends are faced with the challenge of learning new roles aboard a spaceship. Just as they have found their footing, they are called upon to assist the Fleet in a rescue mission on the planet Pangaea, giving them the opportunity to prove that their unique skills from the past are still very relevant in the far distant future.

Harry Heron: Into the Unknown continues the exciting story begun in Harry Heron: Midshipman's Journey, the flagship book in the Harry Heron Adventure Series

(This book was originally published as 'Out of Time' however it has been substantially re-written and the original title was withdrawn. You are therefore recommended to purchase this new version)

  • Author: Patrick G. Cox
  • Title: Harry Heron: Into the Unknown
  • Series: Harry Heron Adventures
  • First Published by: IndieGo Publishing
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 12 March 2016

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