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Arthur Lee Knight (1852-1944) was a popular author of adventure books in the late 19th and early 20th century. He was born in St. Thomas, Devon and around 1868, at the age of 16, became a midshipman on the 51-gun screw frigate HMS Forte, serving in the East Indies station under Admiral Sir Leopold G. Heath. He had left the navy by 1886 when he began his writing career which was strongly influenced by the time he spent in the Royal Navy where he was engaged in suppressing the Arab slave trade in the Indian Ocean.

AOS Naval Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Cruise of the Theseus A slave-cruising expedition on the coast of Arabia
  In the Web of Destiny The Strange Adventures of Lieut. Fairlie, R.N.
  The Adventures of a Midshipmite Conrad Lee joins H.M. training ship Britannia
  The Mids of the Rattlesnake Thrilling Adventures with Illanun Pirates, and Ned Burton's Adventure in the Fiji Islands
  Dicky Beaumont His Perils and Adventures
  Basil Woollcombe: Midshipman Basil Woollcombe has passed his exams and is now a midshipman
  The Rajah of Monkey Island HMS Spiteful is about to set out to sea from the Arab port of Muscat
  The Cruise of the “Cormorant.” or Treasure-Seekers of the Orient (sequel to The Cruise of the “Cormorant.”)
  The Brother-Middies and Slavers, Ahoi! Brothers Hugh and Ernest join the Royal Navy as midshipmen
  Adventures of a Gunroom Monkey The proud service of a monkey on board the British corvette Bullfrog
  The Gunroom Heroes OR Adventures with Arabs Afloat and Ashore
  In Jungle and Kraal Midshipmen Teddy and Dick are looking forward to shore leave
  Leaves from a Middy's Log The crew of a British merchant ship mutiny and disappear with the precious cargo
  A Mid of the Naval Brigade: Vivian Vansittart, V.C. From a ship wrecked of the stormy coast of England to darkest Africa
  Under the White Ensign: or For Queen and Empire The White Ensign keeps beckoning and Roy knows that he must act decisively
1818 A Sea-King's Midshipman Lionel is thrown together with Lord Cochrane
  The Mid of the Maintop HMS Forte is sailing through perilous waters on the look-out for slave dhows
  The Mad Interpreter The British cruiser Ariadne is on the East Indian station
  Aubrey Vernon. A Midshipman’s Adventures A naval battalion is hastily formed to support the outnumbered British troops
  The Cayman Island Treasure General Francois Fohne is plotting a revolution in Haiti
  The Young Rajah One day their uncle, a captain in the Royal Navy, invites them to his frigate

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Ronald Hallifax: or He would be a Sailor Ronald Hallifax goes out fishing and his boat is carried out to sea

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Drifted to Sea Little do they know what dread perils await them across the vast ocean

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