David Poyer

David Poyer's military career included service in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Arctic, Caribbean, Persian Gulf, and Pacific. He lives on Eastern Shore of Virginia with his wife and their daughter, with whom he explores the Bay and Atlantic coast in their sloop, Water Spirit.

As well as modern naval fiction he has written a series about the American Civil War at sea.

Series: The Civil War at Sea
Year  Book  Comment
1861 Fire on the Waters New Yorker Eli Eaker enlists in the Union Navy against his father's wishes
1861 A Country of Our Own Lt. Ker Custis Claiborne "goes South," joining the Virginia Navy
1862 That Anvil of Our Souls A novel of the Monitor and the Merrimack

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Dan Lenson
Year  Book  Comment
  The Circle Ensign Danel V. Lenson reports to his first ship, USS Reynolds Ryan and heads into the Arctic Sea in winter
  The Passage Lt Dan Lenson is assigned to straighten out the innovative but failure-prone combat direction system of USS Barrett
  The Med Lt (jg) Dan Lenson is withTask Force 61 as it steams toward Syria with deadly intent
  The Gulf A U.S. destroyer is hit by an Iranian missile in the Persian Gulf. A conflict seems inevitable.
  Tomahawk Lt-Cdr Dan Lenson is ordered to shore duty in Washington.
  China Sea Dan takes over a Knox-class frigate USS Oliver C. Gaddis from an alcoholic skipper with an untrustworthy crew
  Black Storm Lt-Cdr. Dan Lenson and a recon team of Marines and military professionals are ordered to eliminate a threat
  The Command Cdr Daniel V. Lenson, USN, takes command of a Spruance-class destroyer, USS Horn.
  The Threat Lenson, on light duty while recovering from his injuries, is tapped to serve on the military staff of the President
  Korea Strait Lenson is assigned to conduct a major international exercise with South Korea, Japan, and Australia.
  The Weapon Iran has a new weapon and the only way to preserve the peace is to steal it.
  The Crisis Dan Lenson and his Tactical Analysis Group are at the heart of a humanitarian mission.
  The Towers On the morning of 9/11 Cdr. Dan Lenson is visiting the Pentagon and his wife is at the World Trade Center
  The Cruiser Lenson's first glimpse of his command is of a ship literally high and dry
  Tipping Point An explosive showdown begins between India and Pakistan...with Savo Island standing alone between two nations
  Onslaught The War with China - The Opening Battle
  Hunter Killer The War with China - The Battle for the Central Pacific
  Deep War The War with China continues
  Overthrow The War with China and North Korea--Fall of an Empire
  Violent Peace The War with China: Aftermath of Armageddon
  Arctic Sea Admiral Dan Lenson is assigned to set up a base on the rugged North Slope of Alaska
  The Academy Dan Lenson is appointed Superintendent of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis

Modern Era Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Whiteness of the Whale No one aboard is prepared for what Nature herself has in store

 The author’s official web site is poyer.com

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