Frank Eccles

Frank Eccles ( -2013) was born in Manchester. After serving in the 1st Parachute Brigade during WW2 fighting at Battle of Arnhem, he qualified as a schoolteacher and taught in Yorkshire, Germany and Cumbria. He was very involved in each situation as a rugby player and referee. On retirement he moved to the Cumbrian coast where he was able to indulge a life-long love of the sea by sailing a junk-rigged schooner out of Haverigg to the Isle of Man and beyond.

He wrote two historic naval fiction novels which are now out of print and hard to come by.

Series: John Lawson
Year  Book  Comment
1797 The Mutiny Run The Royal Navy hurriedly sends HMS Adamant on a mission with two goals
1816 The Barbary Run The forty-four gun frigate HMS Comus is ordered to hunt one of the most notorious pirates 

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Fifty Thousand Overcoats A ship owner finds his ship is being used as a blockade runner to supply Bonaparte's army in Russia


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