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Frank Vincent Tilsley (1904–1957) was a British novelist, broadcaster, and television dramatist. Born in Lancashire he grew up in Manchester, where he was educated at Chapel Street Council School, Levenshulme. Among other things he worked as an accountant's clerk and a schoolteacher, becoming a full-time author in 1933. During World War II, he served in the RAF as a war reporter, and was given the rank of Squadron Leader, then, after the war, he joined the BBC writing for both radio and television.

He only wrote one HNF novel ‘Mutiny'. This was later made into the film released as HMS Defiant in the UK and Damn the Defiant in the US. Subsequent prints of the novel were released as HMS Defiant. The original work was about the frigate Regenerate so presumably the name was changed in later editions. 

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1797 Mutiny (aka HMS Defiant) Events aboard the frigate Regenerate (Defiant) during the great mutiny of 1797


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